Getting started


Via WordPress plugins repository

Get latest version of PuppyFW from here and install.

Via composer

Run following command to add PuppyFW to your plugin:

composer require truongwp/puppyfw=*

Manually Include

Download and extract file. Place puppyfw/ folder to your theme or plugin.

  • If you want to use PuppyFW in your plugins, include file `puppyfw/puppyfw.php`.
  • If you want to use PuppyFW in your themes, include file `puppyfw/theme-loader.php` and remember to change two path constants.

Download from github

If you get PuppyFW from github, please navigate to puppyfw/ folder then run following command for first using:

composer dump-autoload

Create first options page

Go to WP Admin > Options Pages > Add New. You will see the Options Page Builder screen. The page attributes in the right and fields builder in the left.


After saving this options page, go to WP Admin > Sample Options to see the Options Page interface.


Next topic is about Page Attributes.