About me

Hello, everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that you will get something useful from my posts.

Some information about me

My full name is Truong Giang Thanh (Giang Thanh Trường in my country). I usually use truongwp or Truong Giang as nickname. I come from Hanoi, Vietnam. At the moment, I’m a WordPress developer and a WordPress lover, and I think it’s still true in the future. I have begun using WordPress from 2013 and started digging into it from 2014. I worked for Awethemes and ThimPress (for a short time). Now I work for MetaBox. Sometimes, I also get some outsource projects which I do in my free time at home.

My goals are becoming a WordPress contributor and working remotely for a foreign company.

You can visit https://truongwp.com/ for more detail about me.

Contact me

If you have any problem or anything want to talk to me, feel free to contact me via below information:

Mail: truongwp@gmail.com
Twitter: @truongwp
Skype: truongwp

Thank you so much again.