PuppyFW now available on plugins

Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce that PuppyFW 0.3.0 now is available on plugins repository. PuppyFW is a powerful options framework for WordPress. It was rejected from WPORG plugins repo because they don’t allow a plugin like a framework. But after over 2 months, with options page builder is supported, it has been approved.

PuppyFW’s features:

  • It’s free.
  • Lightweight, fast (use VueJs to render the UI).
  • Support unlimited options pages.
  • Colorpicker, datepicker, image, gallery, map, WordPress TinyMCE field support.
  • Tab field support with unlimited level.
  • Group field support with unlimited level.
  • Every fields can be repeatable.
  • Field dependency (show or hide field base on other field value).
  • Support storing data to separate rows or in a single row in options table.
  • Come with options page builder, easy to create options page without coding skills required.
  • Easy to extend or create new fields.
  • Support API to get option value, include default value.

View this video for more information:

The documentation is on progress. I will add some fields and features before releasing 1.0.0 version. I also looking for a nice UI for this plugin.

Get PuppyFW | View on Github | Documentation

Thank you for reading this post. And any feedback, issue ticket or pull request are very welcome.

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